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Arts Quote of the Week:

“I'm a firm believer in the unknown. When I work, I try to keep the unknown at a distance. I don't try to get closer to the known. I try to keep the unknown way ahead of me, and that draws me into this new world.” —Michael Moschen, at "Deconstructing Genius" panel at 92nd Street Y Dance Center, March 4, 2015

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The new boldness in dance, making the "private parts" more visible: http://t.co/a4ihVAaq5J
- Saturday Apr 25 - 6:15pm

Intimate talk: @johnjasperse, Andrea Miller @gallimdance & @lachugar on the aesthetics of showing private parts: http://t.co/a4ihVAaq5J
- Friday Apr 24 - 8:16pm

Going back to this "Choreography in Focus," in which I get to ask @StephenPetronio about his fingernail polish: http://t.co/E4lcpnZrND
- Friday Apr 24 - 6:55pm