I’ve been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, editor, and always a dance addict.

Arts Quote of the Week:

“[In Europe] the passion of art has often been a social passion.” American writers are “less fervent about the social value of art. We worry that if a work is formed by ideas exterior to it, if there is some sort of programmed intention, a set of truths to be illustrated, the work will be compromised and we’ll produce not art but polemic. We want our novels pure.” —E. L. Doctorow

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A fall preview of dance within art @Artforum @ClaudiaLaRocco : http://t.co/aE24jy1xQD
- Monday Aug 31 - 6:07am

Has anyone noticed how punctuation is running amok in dance titles and company names? http://t.co/bEWFhkztsI
- Monday Aug 31 - 12:35am

"I like to think of rehearsal…as a wave that will crest into the lap of the audience." —Simone Forti, Taken by Surprise @weslpress
- Sunday Aug 30 - 7:40pm