I’ve been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, editor, and always a dance addict.

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"Music should be like a language, and playing the piano should be like telling a story." —James Irsay @WBAI

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I never liked the slouching of Degas' famous Little Dancer, so @tilerpeck's version is already looking up, for me: http://t.co/A7mlIo3LQb
- Wednesday Aug 20 - 3:21pm

My October writing workshop @GibneyDance is filling up fast. So if you know anyone who's interested, pass this along: http://t.co/4PmqAyduyO
- Tuesday Aug 19 - 8:18pm

About nurturing talent: "You find gemstones…&…give them to a good jeweler &… later they sparkle.” —L. Saveliev @yagp http://t.co/tUSbTcCpCM
- Tuesday Aug 19 - 7:10pm