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Arts Quote of the Week:

“Why do I paint these ugly things? I don’t know, or don’t know if I want to know. Yet I do know, or think I do. The ugly, the irrational, in paintings ‘explain’—that is, make visible to us for some sort of recognition—the unknowable, our fear of the unknowable, of fate. This is something we so often refuse to recognized. But in recognizing this, maybe we can squeeze out some solace, some hope, some beauty, even.” —Leon Golub, A Painter of Darkness, by Gerald Marzorati

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"I'm coming to see the artist as a guide who works to evoke the artist in all of us." —@AnnaHalprin Moving Toward Life @weslpress
- Sunday Nov 29 - 4:19am

“I was as clearly marked as though she had looked me in the face and called my name.” —De Mille on meeting Pavlova, https://t.co/q3UrMrfV8S
- Sunday Nov 29 - 3:55am

"She really lets you have your own opinions and asks about them." —Savannah Lowery on @TharpTwyla @pointe_magazine https://t.co/UFd5ODUZaX
- Sunday Nov 29 - 12:13am