I’ve been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, editor, and always a dance addict.

Arts Quote of the Week:

“Now, for me, mathematics is a means to an end. There has to be a connection to a human narrative, otherwise it’s just numbers. I’ve moved from being a scientist to being a theatre-maker.” —Akram Khan, " "Akram Khan: I’m terrified that my body will give in," by Sarah Crompton, The Guardian, January 8, 2016

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"In Asian sculpture…it's as if the body is a river, a flowing object…I adore these iconic…positions." —Molissa Fenley @seagullbooks
- Saturday Feb 13 - 4:29am

My favorite story about Tutu Torture—from the man's point of view—by Adam @Dance_Magazine : https://t.co/zkAz0JakIN
- Friday Feb 12 - 8:31pm

"The whole absurdity of life: everything for me has always been opposites. Nothing has ever been in the middle." —Eva Hesse
- Friday Feb 12 - 7:19pm