I’ve been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, editor, and always a dance addict.

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"Here was a great woman; a magnificent, generous, gallant, reckless, fated fool of a woman. There was never a place for her in the ranks of the terrible, slow army of the cautious. She ran ahead where there were no paths." —Dorothy Parker about Isadora Duncan, qtd by Robert Gottlieb, "Brilliant, Troubled, Dorothy Parker" in The New York Review of Books, April 7, 2017

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RT @Kantate72: The elegant,strength,beauty choreographer Étoil Marie-Agnès Gillot @J_Sutton_Studio @NumeroMagazine @maggillot https://t.co/…
- Wednesday May 4 - 9:24am

RT @AdviceToWriters: Goddamn it, FEELING is what I like in art, not CRAFTINESS and the hiding of feelings. JACK KEROUAC #fiction https://t…
- Wednesday May 4 - 8:59am

Fabulous funny gala with frying pans donned by Yvonne Rainer. @factress sublimely wacky hostess @DanspaceProject.
- Wednesday May 4 - 2:04am