I’ve been a dancer, choreographer, teacher, writer, editor, and always a dance addict.

Arts Quote of the Week:

"Any human endeavor can be a force for social change. Dance is a cultural event that brings people together to remind them of their humanity, of the parts of our souls that are not serviced by the powers at play." —Jeff McMahon, Dance Ink, 1991

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"I love that a split second becomes an eternity." —Lois Greenfield on photography, @DanceFilms gala
- Thursday Jan 29 - 2:37pm

RT @siobhanfburke: Remy Charlip I Love You @92Y: http://t.co/Y6NhTFxVFO
- Thursday Jan 29 - 4:33am

"She captured lightning in a bottle without the bottle." —Elizabeth @STREBSLAM about dance photographer Lois Greenfield @DanceFilms gala
- Thursday Jan 29 - 3:44am