“From the Horse’s Mouth” tribute to Deborah Jowitt, March 2019, ph Whitney Browne

My Schedule

September, 2022

  • Sept 21: Deeper Lecture at Gibney. I’ll be speaking about Grand Union, the legendary collaborative improvisation group of the 70s that my book is about. Then I’ll open it up to talk about, and find out from viewers, what kind of collaborative structures are going on now.
  • Oct 12: Giving a talk at DSA conference on the resilience of dancers who have been affected by the internment camps in the 1940s. It includes Michio Ito, Yuriko, Sono Osato, and others.
  • Oct 26: I’ll be doing my third “The Dance Historian Is In” at the Library for the Performing Arts. It’s on Pina Bausch’s years at Juilliard, 1959-60, and 1960-61, when she worked with Pauls Sanasardo and Taylor. These two years were more influential on her work than most critics are willing to admit.
  • Ongoing: Pillow Voices: my Podcast on “Grand Union: Democracy or Anarchy”
  • Dec 5: I’ll be involved in the Dance Magazine Awards, Chelsea Factory
  • Dec 13: Performing an old/new work with Morgan Griffin at Ace Hotel, Brooklyn, sponsored by Head Hi

Past events that are still accessible online:

  • This conversation at Skirball with Douglas Dunn is the first one I did regarding my book on Grand Union
  • This “Conversation Without Walls” was taped by Danspace, with Yvonne Rainer, Barbara Dilley, and me.
  • This conversation with Barbara Dilley and Jed Bark, was sponsored by 192 Books, a part of Paula Cooper Gallery