Juilliard Does Tharp, Lubovitch & Feld

One of Twyla Tharp’s breeziest, most feel-good works, Baker’s Dozen will be performed by Juilliard students next week. The piece, made in 1979 for 12 dancers, has an innocent polymorphous pleasure that predates the combative seductiveness of the more familiar Nine Sinatra Songs (1982). The piano music, by Willie “The Lion” Smith, will be played live by a Juilliard alum—one of the pluses of going to a dance concert at Juilliard. Another plus, of course, is that you get to see serious students who are already at a professional level. They regularly perform works by current choreographers, and this program is no exception. Accompanying Baker’s Dozen is Lar Lubovitch’s classic group work, Concerto Six Twenty-Two (the one that contains his beautiful male-bonding duet made in the time of AIDS) and Eliot Feld’s fun romp The Jig Is Up. March 21–25 in Juilliard’s Peter Jay Sharp Theater. For more info click here.

Juilliard dancers in baker's Dozen, photo y Jeffrey Cuyubamba

Juilliard dancers in Baker’s Dozen, photo y Jeffrey Cuyubamba

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