Yoshiko Chuma & LaMama Moves

After choreographic projects in Sarajevo, Ramallah, Fukushima, Kabul, and other strife-torn cities, Yoshiko Chuma brings her anarchic brew to the LaMama Moves festival May 16–18. The new work, How to Deliver an Afghan Hat, has her signature blend of impulsive movement, disembodied script, and bold images. The dialogues carry hints of people living in war-torn areas without any literal depiction of war. Yoshiko herself is still a spitfire of a dancer, and watching her wrangle with a musician—does she want to destroy his guitar?—is a hoot. With striking video images by Kit Fitzgerald and sound score by Christopher McIntyre.

PHoto by Hugh Burckhardt. Illustration on Homepage by Hidetomo

Photo by Hugh Burckhardt. Illustration on Homepage by Hidetomo Mita.

Other dance artists in the wide-ranging, cheap—tickets are only $15 for students!— LaMama Moves festival include Rebecca Lazier, Miki Orihara of Graham fame, Cedric Andrieux, Ashley Chen, Dylan Crossman, and Chase Brock. A cabaret-style evening entitled Particular Mysteries brings a whole other cornucopia of dance artists. Click here for the full schedule.

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