National Water Dance

It started as local activism around Florida water issues, and in a mere three years has grown to be nationwide, with 80 institutions in 30 states participating. From Alaska to Arkansas, from Maine to Florida, the National Water Dance aims to raise awareness about the politics of access to safe water. Students as well as professional dancers will gather around a body of water, be it a lake, river, ocean, or creek on April 12 at 4:00 EST. United by a single cause, divided by geography, they will participate in “movement choirs,” a form originated by Rudolf Laban, to urge us all to be more responsible about the water we use. Part of a larger global effort, the U. S. portion is masterminded by choreographer/teacher Dale Andree and producer Daniel Lewis, longtime director of New World School of the Arts. To see the list of schools and companies participating, click here. To get involved, contact Dale Andree at Up next: Anti-Fracking Dances (we wish).

Photos by Daniel Lewis

Photos by Daniel Lewis

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